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Paradigm(s) Multi-paradigm: declarative
Faimily Programmin leid
Appeared in 1974; 45 years ago (1974)
Designed bi Donald D. Chamberlin
Raymond F. Boyce
Developer ISO/IEC
Typin discipline Static, strang
Major implementations Mony
Influenced bi Datalog
Influenced CQL, LINQ, SOQL, PowerShell,[1] JPQL, jOOQ
OS Cross-platform
File format details
Filename extension .sql
Internet media type application/sql[2][3]
Developit bi ISO/IEC
Ineetial release 1986 (1986)
Latest release
(December 2016; 2 years ago (2016-12))
Teepe o format Database
Staundart ISO/IEC 9075
Appen format? Yes

SQL (Listeni/ˈɛs kjuː ˈɛl/[4] or Listeni/ˈskwəl/,[5] Structured Query Language[6][7][8][9]) is a domain-specific leid uised in programmin an designed for managin data held in a relational database management seestem (RDBMS), or for stream processin in a relational data stream management seestem (RDSMS).

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