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SAIC Motor Corporation Limited
Treddit asSSE: 600104
Foondit2011 (SAIC Motor Corporation Limited)
1995 (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. (Group))
1955 (Shanghai Internal Combustion Engine Components Company)
HeidquartersShanghai, Cheenae
Key fowk
Chen Zhixin (Preses)
Chen Hong (Chairman)[1]
ProductsAutomobiles, commercial vehicles
Production ootpit
5,620,200 units (2014)[2]
RevenueUS$101.7 billion (2014)[3]
Nummer o employees
144,955 (2013)[4]
ParentShanghai's State-awned Assets Superveesion an Administration Commission[5]
MG Motor
Nanjing Automobile
MG Motor
SAIC Motor
Semplifeed Cheenese上海汽车集团股份有限公司
Tradeetional Cheenese上海汽車集團股份有限公司
Leeteral meaninShanghai Automotive Group Joint-stock Limited Corporation
Semplifeed Cheenese上汽集团
Tradeetional Cheenese上汽集團

SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (informally SAIC, umwhile Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) is a Cheenese state-awned automotive design an manufacturin company heidquairtered in Shanghai, Cheenae, wi multinaitional operations. A Fortune Global 100 company an ane o the "Big Fower" state-awned Cheenese automakers (alang wi Chang'an Motors, FAW Group, an Dongfeng Motor),[6] the company haed the lairgest production volume o ony Cheenese automaker in 2014 makkin mair nor 4.5 million vehicles.[7] Its manufacturin mix is no whally consumer afferins, housomeivver, wi as mony as 1,000,000+ SAIC passenger vehicles bein commercial vans.

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