Ségolène Royal

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Ségolène Royal
Segolene Royal Arcueil 18 septembre 2010 6.jpg
Preses o the Regional Cooncil o Poitou-Charentes
In office
30 Mairch 2004 – 21 Aprile 2014
Precedit bi Élisabeth Morin
Succeedit bi Jean-Francois Macaire
Meenister o the Environment an Way o Life
In office
2 Aprile 1992 – 29 Mairch 1993
Prime Meenister Pierre Bérégovoy
Precedit bi Brice Lalonde
Succeedit bi Michel Barnier
Deputy o the Naitional Assembly
for Deux-Sèvres' 2nt constituency
In office
19 Juin 2002 – 19 Juin 2007
Precedit bi Jean-Pierre Marché
Succeedit bi Delphine Batho
In office
2 Aprile 1993 – 4 Julie 1997
Precedit bi Jean-Pierre Marché
Succeedit bi Jean-Pierre Marché
In office
23 Juin 1988 – 2 Mey 1992
Precedit bi Proportional representation
Succeedit bi Jean-Pierre Marché
Personal details
Born Marie-Ségolène Royal
(1953-09-22) 22 September 1953 (age 66)
Ouakam, Dakar, French Wast Africae
Poleetical pairty Socialist Pairty
Domestic partner François Hollande (1978–2007)
Alma mater Nancy 2 Varsity
Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris
École nationale d'administration
Wabsteid Ségolène Royal
Désirs d'Avenir

Marie-Ségolène Royal (pronounced [se.ɡɔ.lɛn ʁwa.jal] ( listen); born 22 September 1953), kent as Ségolène Royal, is a French politeecian. She wis the preses o the Poitou-Charentes Regional Cooncil for ten years, an is an umwhile member o the Naitional Assembly, an umwhile govrenment meenister, an a prominent member o the French Socialist Pairty. The first woman in Fraunce tae be nominatit bi a major pairty, she wis the Socialist candidate in the 2007 French presidential election but lost tae Nicolas Sarkozy on 6 Mey 2007.[1] In 2008, Royal narrowly lost tae Martine Aubry in the Socialist Pairty's election for First Secretar at the Pairty's twenty-seicont naitional congress. On 30 November 2010, Royal annoonced her intentions tae again seek the PS nomination for Preses in 2012 but she lost the Socialist Pairty presidential primary in 2011. She failed in her attempt tae win a seat in the Naitional Assembly in the Juin 2012 parliamentary elections.

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