Ryutaro Hashimoto

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Ryutaro Hashimoto
橋本 龍太郎
Hashimoto Ryūtarō.jpg
Prime Meenister o Japan
In office
11 Januar 1996 – 30 Julie 1998
DeputeWataru Kubo
Precedit biTomiichi Murayama
Succeedit biKeizō Obuchi
Deputy Prime Meenister o Japan
In office
2 October 1995 – 11 Januar 1996
Prime MeenisterTomiichi Murayama
Precedit biYohei Kono
Succeedit biWataru Kubo
Meenister o Finance
In office
28 Januar 1998 – 30 Januar 1998
Prime MeenisterRyutaro Hashimoto
Precedit biHiroshi Mitsuzuka
Succeedit biHikaru Matsunaga
In office
10 August 1989 – 14 October 1991
Prime MeenisterToshiki Kaifu
Precedit biTatsuo Murayama
Succeedit biToshiki Kaifu (Actin)
Meenister o Economy, Trade an Industry
In office
30 Juin 1994 – 11 Januar 1996
Prime MeenisterTomiichi Murayama
Precedit biEijiro Hata
Succeedit biShunpei Tsukahara
Meenister o Transport
In office
22 Julie 1986 – 6 November 1987
Prime MeenisterYasuhiro Nakasone
Precedit biHiroshi Mitsuzuka
Succeedit biShintaro Ishihara
Meenister o Health
In office
7 December 1978 – 9 November 1979
Prime MeenisterMasayoshi Ohira
Precedit biTatsuo Ozawa
Succeedit biKyoichi Noro
Personal details
Born29 Julie 1937(1937-07-29)
Sōja, Okayama Empire o Japan
Dee'd1 Julie 2006(2006-07-01) (aged 68)
Tokyo, Japan
Poleetical pairtyLiberal Democratic Pairty
BairnsGaku Hashimoto
Alma materKeio Varsity

Ryutaro Hashimoto (橋本 龍太郎, Hashimoto Ryūtarō, 29 Julie 1937 – 1 Julie 2006) wis a Japanese politeecian who served as the 82nt an 83rd Prime Meenister o Japan frae 11 Januar 1996 tae 30 Julie 1998. He wis the leader o ane o the lairgest factions within the rulin LDP through maist o the 1990s an remained a pouerful back-ruim player in Japanese politics till scandal forced him tae resign his leadership poseetion in 2004. Disgraced, he chose nae tae staund in the general election o 2005, an effectively retired frae politics. He died on 1 Julie 2006 at a Tokyo hospital.