Ryton plant

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View leukin sooth east across Brandon Grunds frae the Coventry Eastern bypass as it crosses the square. The chimneys in the distance belong tae the car plant beside the A45 at Ryton on Dunsmore. Date, 21 Julie 2005

The Ryton plant wis a car manufacturing plant locatit in Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Warwickshire, England. It wis developed bi the Rootes Group as a shadow factory in 1939 tae produce aircraft engines for Warld War II. Efter the war, it became the headquarters o the group. Taken ower bi Peugeot in 1978, it shut in December 2006, an wis subsequently redeveloped bi Trenport Investments Ltd, for industrial uise, in Mairch 2007. The plant met its final demise in November 2007, when it wis completely demolished.

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