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Rysy, wierzcholek slowacki.jpg
Main summit
Heichest pynt
Elevation 2,503 m (8,212 ft) [1]
Prominence 163 m (535 ft) [1]
Leetin Kintra heich pynt(Poland)
Coordinates 49°10′46″N 20°5′17″E / 49.17944°N 20.08806°E / 49.17944; 20.08806Coordinates: 49°10′46″N 20°5′17″E / 49.17944°N 20.08806°E / 49.17944; 20.08806[1]
Translation scratches or crevices (Polish an Slovak)
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Location Poland / Slovakie
Parent range Heich Tatras
Muntain teep Granite
First ascent 1840 by Ede Blásy, Ján Ruman-Driečny[citation needit]
Easiest route Hiking
The north-wastren summit
Niżnie Rysy (on the left) an Rysy
Panorama of the Tatra Moontains with Rysy

Rysy (Slovak: [ˈrisi], Pols: [ˈrɨsɨ]; German: Meeraugspitze, Hungarian: Tengerszem-csúcs) is a moontain in the crest o the Heich Tatras, eastern pairt of the Tatra Moontains, lyin on the border atween Poland an Slovakie. Rysy haes three summits: the middle at 2,503 m (8,212 ft); the north-wastren at 2,499 m (8,199 ft); an the south-eastren at 2,473 m (8,114 ft). The north-wastren summit is the heichest pynt o Poland an belongs tae the Croun o Pols Moontains; the ither twa summits are on the Slovak side o the border.

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