Ryal Villa o Monza

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The Ryal Villa today.

THE Ryal Villa o Monza (Italian: Villa Reale) is a historical building in Monza, northern Italy. It lies on the banks o the Lambro, surrounded bi the large Monza Park, one o the largest enclosed parks in Europe. It was originally built by Giuseppe Piermarini between 1777 an 1780, when Lombardy wis part o the Austrick Empire, for the Airchduke Ferdinand o Austrick (son o Empress Maria Theresa. In 1861, when the Kinrick o Italy wis established, the building became a pailace o the Italian Ryal Hoose o Savoy. The Ryal Villa wis abandoned bi the ryal faimily in 1900, after the murder o Umberto I o Italy as he returned frae an event.

The palace complex includes the Cappella Reale, or the "Ryal Chaipel", the Cavallerizza (horse-shed), the Rotonda dell'Appiani, the Teatrino di Corte ("Small Coort Theatre") an the Orangerie. The rooms at the first floor include grand salons an halls, an the Ryal apartments o Keeng Umberto I o Italy an o Queen Margherita. In front o the pailace are the Ryal gardens, designed bi Piermarini as English landscape gardens.

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