Ryal Scots Navy

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Ryal Scots Navy
Royal Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Scotland.svg
ActiveMiddle Ages–1707
Disbaundit1 Mey 1707
Kintra Scotland
AllegianceMonarch o Scotland
RoleCoastal defence
Pairt oScots Militar
Motto(s)In My Defens God Me Defend
ColoursBlue, White, & Reid             
Laird High AdmiralDavid Wemyss (last)
Reid Ensign (till 1707)Scottish Red Ensign.svg

The Ryal Scots Navy (or Auld Scots Navy) wis the navy o the Kinrick o Scotland frae its oreegins in the Middle Ages till its merger wi the Kinrick o Ingland's Ryal Navy per the Acts o Union 1707.