Ryal Pailace o Stockholm

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the pailace today.
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Ryal Pailace o Stockholm also cried the Ryal Pailace in Stockholm, is a ryal residence in the ceety o stockholm in swaden. It is the base for the "Ryal Coort o Swaden" an is the official residence o the present Keeng Carl XVI Gustaf o Swaden an wis the birthplace o his son Prince Carl Philip, Duke o Värmland (brither o Croun Princess Victoria o Swaden)

Background[eedit | eedit soorce]

The first building on this site was a fortress with a core tower biggit in the 13t century bi Birger Jarl to defend Lake Mälaren. The fortress grew tae a castle, eventually named Tre Kronor for the core touer's spire top decorated with three crouns. The northern row o the present pailace was biggit in 1692, in just five month as a part o the auld Tre Kronor castle. The new row haed the same austere Baroque style that still remain, contrasting with the rest o the Renaissance castle. It wis based on the Palazzo Farnese in roum.

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