Ryal Pailace o Portici

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18t century image o the pailace.

The Ryal Pailace o Portici (Reggia di Portici or Palazzo Reale di Portici; Neapolitan: Reggia ‘e Puortece) is a former ryal pailace in Portici, Southeast o Naples along the coast, in the region o Campanie, Italy. Today it is the home o the Orto Botanico di Portici, a Botanic Gardens are operated bi the Varsity o Naples Federico II. These gardens were once part of the muckle ryal estate that included an Inglis garden, a zoo an formal parterres.

It is located just a few metres from the Roman ruins of Herculaneum an is home to the Accademia Ercolanese, the deposit for all found objects o archaeological site. This is in effect the Museum o Herculaneum, opened in 1758 bi King Carlo.

Brief history[eedit | eedit soorce]

In Julie 1735 at the aged 18, Infante Charles o Spain wis crouned the King o Naples an Sicily. He haed taken control o the twa kinricks bi militar force opposing the powerful Charles VI, Haly Roman Emperor. In 1738, Charles an his consort Princess Maria Amalia o Saxony were favourably impressed with the area o Portici when they visited the villa o Emmanuel Maurice, the Duke o Elbeuf. The couple commissioned this pailace in Portici tae serve not anly as a private residence, but aa a place tae receive foreign officials travelling tae the kinrick.

Work began at the end o 1738 under the direction o Antonio Canevari. Canevari haed helped the ryal couple in construction o the Neapolitan Pailace o Capodimonte. The interiors o the Pailace o Portici were frescoed by Giuseppe Bonito, while the gairdens were decorated with marble sculptures bi Joseph Canart.

Upon King Charles' accession tae the Spaingie throne in 1759, he left his Neapolitan and Sicilian domains tae his third son, Prince Ferdinand who would rule till his daith in 1825. During the ring o Ferdinand, the Palace wis overshadowed bi the far grander Caserta Pailace which became the official home o the coort frae 1759. Portici wis the private home o Prince Filippo o Naples an Sicily, "Duke o Calabrie", the eldest son o Charles III o Spain. Prince Filippo wis mentally disabled an lived in the pailace till his daith there on 19 September 1777.