Ryal Pailace o Naples

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Royal Palace of Naples
Palazzo Reale di Napoli
Napoli - Palazzo Reale19.jpg
Ryal Pailace façade
General information
Airchitectural styleItalian Baroque, Neo-Classical
LocationNaples, Italy
AddressPiazza del Plebiscito 1
Coordinates40°50′10″N 14°14′59″E / 40.8362°N 14.2496°E / 40.8362; 14.2496Coordinates: 40°50′10″N 14°14′59″E / 40.8362°N 14.2496°E / 40.8362; 14.2496
Invalid designation
Offeecial namePalazzo Reale di Napoli

The Ryal Pailace o Naples (Italian: Palazzo Reale di Napoli, Neapolitan: Palazzo Riale ‘e Napule) is a former ryal residence in Naples, Italy wich wis the capital o the unwhile Kinrick o Naples. It wis ane o the fower residences near Naples uised bi the Bourbons o Naples during their rule o Naples]] (1735–1816) an later the Kinrick o the Twa Sicilies (1816-1861). The others were the pailaces o Caserta, Capodimonte overlooking Naples, an Portici on the slopes o Vesuvius. The palace is on the site o an earlier residence, which haed housed the former viceroy Don Pedro de Toledo, Marquis o Villafranca. Construction on the present building wis begun in the 17t century bi the architect Domenico Fontana. Intended tae hoose the Keeng Philip III o Spain on a visit niver fulfilled to this part o his kinrick, instead it initially hoosed the Viceroy Fernando Ruiz de Castro, Coont o Lemos. Bi 1616, the facade haed been completed, and bi 1620 the interior completit. In 1734, with the arrival o Charles III o Spain tae Naples, the pailace became the ryal residence o the Bourbons. On the occasion of his marriage tae Maria Amalia o Saxony in 1738, Francesco de Mura an Domenico Antonio Vaccaro helped remodel the interior. It wis Charles who build the other three pailaces in locations more peripheral tae the ceety center. Further modernisation took place under Ferdinand I o the Twa Sicilies. In 1768, on the occasion o his mairiage tae Maria Carolina o Austrick. Now it is a museum.