Ryal Order o the Seraphim

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The Ryal Order o the Seraphim
Kungliga Serafimerorden
Star of the order
Awairdit bi Monarch of Swaden
Teep Single grade Order o Meerit
Motto Iesus Hominum Salvator (IHS)
Day 28 April
  • Until 1975: Swadish an foreign fowk
  • Since 1975: Foreign heads o state or other foreigners of equivalent rank, an
  • Since 1995: Also members o the Swadish Ryal Faimily
Awairdit for services tae Swaden
Status Currently constituted
Sovereign Keeng Carl XVI Gustaf
Chancellor Ingemar Eliasson
Established 1748
First induction 1748, Frederick I o Swaden
Last induction 14 June 2019, Moon Jae-in
Tot inductees 882
Next (heicher) None (highest)
Next (lawer) Royal Order of the Sword
Ribbon bar of the Royal Order of the Seraphim

The Ryal Order o the Seraphim (Swedish: Kungliga Serafimerorden; Seraphim bein a category o angels) is a Swedish order o chivalry creatit bi Keeng Frederick I on 23 Februar 1748, thegither wi the Order o the Sword an the Order o the Polar Star. The order haes anly ane cless wi the dignity o Knicht (Member for weemen an Member o the Cloth for clergymen), an is the foremaist order o Swaden. The order is likened tae the French Order o the Haly Spirit.

Ryal faimily[eedit | eedit soorce]

Until 1975 the sons o the Swedish monarch received a miniature version o the order's insignia at thair baptism. As pairt o a reform on orders an decorations, a law wis passed in 1974 restricting the conferral o orders tae foreign ceetizens. This law wis revised in 1995 tae allou members of the Swedish Ryal Faimily tae receive the order. That year, on her 18t birthday, Croun Princess Victoria became a member o the order. Prince Carl Philip an Princess Madeline likwise became a knight/member o the order on thair 18t birthday. The tradeetion o conferring the order upon the baptism o a member o the ryal faimily returned when Princess Estelle, the first-born o Croun Princess Victoria an Prince Daniel, received a miniature Grand Cross o the Order's insignia frae her grandfaither, King Carl Gustaf at her baptism on 22 Mey 2012. Princess Leonore, dochter o Princess Madeleine an Christopher O'Neill, wis an aw conferred the order at her baptism on 8 Juin 2008.