Ryal Observatory, Greenwich

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Royal Observatory
Royal observatory greenwich.jpg
Royal Observatory, Greenwich. A time baw sits atap the Octagon Room.
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Location Greenwich, Unitit Kinrick
Coordinates 51°28′40″N 0°00′05″W / 51.4778°N 0.0014°W / 51.4778; -0.0014Coordinates: 51°28′40″N 0°00′05″W / 51.4778°N 0.0014°W / 51.4778; -0.0014
Wabsteid www.rmg.co.uk/royal-observatory/
Telescopes Altazimuth Pavilion At The Royal Observatory[*]
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Flamsteed Hoose in 1824

The Ryal Observatory, Greenwich (Inglis: Royal Observatory kent as the Ryal Greenwich Observatory or RGO when the wirkin institution muived frae Greenwich tae Herstmonceux efter Warld War II) is an observatory situatit on a hill in Greenwich Park, owerleukin the River Thames. It played a major role in the history o astronomy an navigation, an is best kent as the location o the prime meridian.