Ryal Cambodian Airmed Forces

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Royal Cambodian Airmed Forces
Kangyuthipol Khemarak Phumin
Forces armées royales cambodgiennes
Service branchesRoyal Cambodian Airmy
Royal Cambodian Navy
Royal Cambodian Air Force
Ryal Gendarmerie o Cambodie
HeidquartersHeuch Command Heidquarters
Jok Dimitrov Boulevard, Khan 7 Makara, Phnom Penh
Commander-in-ChiefKeng Norodom Sihamoni
Meenister o DefenceGeneral Tea Banh
Militar age18–60
Available for
militar service
4,000,000 males, age 18–50 (2010 est.),
3,900,000 females, age 18–50 (2010 est.)
Fit for
militar service
3,000,000 males, age 18–50 (2010 est.),
2,900,000 females, age 18–50 (2010 est.)
Reachin militar
age annually
150,000 males (2010 est.),
150,000 females (2010 est.)
Active personnel125,000
Reserve personnel200,000
BudgetUSD$383 million (FY16)[1]
Percent o GDP~2% (2016 est.)
Relatit airticles
HistoryMilitar history o Cambodia

The Ryal Cambodian Airmed Forces (Khmer: កងយុទ្ធពលខេមរភូមិន្ទ, KangYuthipol Khemarak Phumin) (RCAF) is the naitional militar forces o Cambodie. The Supreme Commander-in-Chief is HM Keeng Norodom Sihamoni, General Pol Saroeun is the Commander in Chief of the RCAF, which consists o the Airmy, Navy, Air Force an the Gendarmerie.

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