Russell Alan Hulse

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Russell Alan Hulse
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Born (1950-11-28) 28 November 1950 (age 68)
New York Ceety, New York
Naitionality Unitit States
Alma mater Cooper Union B.S.
UMass Amherst Ph.D.
Awairds Nobel Prize in Pheesics (1993)
Scientific career
Institutions UT Dallas
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Russell Alan Hulse (born November 28, 1950) is an American pheesicist an winner i the Nobel Prize in Pheesics, shared wi his thesis advisor Joseph Hooton Taylor Jr., "for the discovery o a new teep o pulsar, a discovery that has opened up new possibilities for the study o gravitation". He wis a specialist in the pulsar studies an gravitational waves.