Rungnado Mey Day Stadium

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Rungnado 1st o Mey Stadium
Arirang Mass Games 01.JPG
LocationPyongyang, North Korea
Coordinates39°2′58.47″N 125°46′30.79″E / 39.0495750°N 125.7752194°E / 39.0495750; 125.7752194Coordinates: 39°2′58.47″N 125°46′30.79″E / 39.0495750°N 125.7752194°E / 39.0495750; 125.7752194
AwnerDPR Korea
Field sizeMain pitch- 22,500 m²
Tot floor space- ower 207,000 m²
AppentMey 1, 1989
Parades/shows celebratin Kim Il-sung an North Korea.
Arirang Festival
North Korea naitional fitbaa team (some gemmes)
North Korea weemen's naitional fitbaa team (some gemmes)

The Rungnado 1st o Mey Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea, completit on Mey 1, 1989. It is regardit as ane o the lairgest stadiums in the warld, wi a capacity o 150,000, an occupyin ower 207,000 m squared.