Rudolph o Fraunce

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Keeng o Wastren Francie
Keeng o the Franks (mair...)
Ring 13 Julie 923 – 14/15 Januar 936
Coronation 13 Julie 923, St Médard, Soissons
Predecessor Robert I
Successor Louis IV
Born c. 890
Dee'd 14/(936-01-15)15 Januar 936
(c. aged 45–46)
Spouse Emma o Fraunce
Hoose Bosonid
Faither Richard the Justiciar
Mither Adelaide o Auxerre

Rudolph (an aa Radulf, Ralph, or Raoul) (c. 880/890 – 14/15 Januar 936) wis the Keeng o Fraunce frae 923 till his daith.