Rubeus Hagrid

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Rubeus Hagrid
Harry Potter character
First appearance Harry Potter an the Filosofer's Stane
Creatit bi J. K. Rowling
Portrayed bi Robbie Coltrane (Adult)
Martin Bayfield (Teenager)
Species Hauf-giant
Faimily Fridwulfa (mither)
Grawp (hauf-brither)

Rubeus Hagrid is introduced in Harry Potter an the Filosofer's Stane as a hauf-giant an hauf-human whae is the gemmekeeper an Keeper o Keys an Grunds o Hogwarts, the primary settin for the first sax novelles. In the third novelle Harry Potter an the Preesoner o Azkaban, Hagrid is promotit tae Care of Magical Creatures teacher, an is later revealed tae be a member o the Order of the Phoenix.