Rubber Soul

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Rubber Soul
Rubber Soul.jpg
Studio album by The Beatles
Released3 December 1965
Recordit12 October–15 November 1965
StudioEMI Studios, Lunnon
GenreFolk rock[1]
ProducerGeorge Martin
The Beatles chronology
Rubber Soul
The Beatles North American chronology
(1965) Help!1965
Rubber Soul
(1965) Rubber Soul1965
Yesterday and Today
(1966) Yesterday and Today1966

Rubber Soul is the saxt studio album bi Inglis rock baund the Beatles, released on 3 December 1965. It wis met wi a heichly favourable creetical response an topped record chairts in the Unitit Kinrick for several weeks, as well as in the Unitit States, whaur it wis issued wi a different selection o tracks.

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