Rua do Cunha

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View o Rua do Cunha at nicht.
Rua do Cunha street sign.

Rua do Cunha (Portuguese for Cunha Street; Cheenese: 官也街) is a narrae pedestrian street in Vila da Taipa, the toun centre o Taipa island, in Macau.[1] It is namit efter the Portuguese splorer Tristão da Cunha.

It is kent for shops sellin almond cakes, phoenix egg rolls, coconut flakes, cherikoff an peanut candy, which travellers buy as "souvenirs", such as Choi Heong Yuen (Chinese: 咀香園) an Koi Kei (Cheenese: 鉅記).[2] It is kent for the various Portuguese restaurants an aw, includin 'O Santos', which haes been in business for 20 years, an 'O Galo'.

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