Ryal Society o Edinburgh

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Ryal Society o Edinburgh
Motto Societas Regalis Edinburgi
Foonder(s) Colin Maclaurin an Alexander Monro, primus (instrumental in foondin the Filosofical Society o Edinburgh)
William Cullen, Alexander Monro, secundus an William Robertson (instrumental in obtainin the ryal chairter)
Established 1737 – diverged frae the Ryal Medical Society
1783 – received ryal chairter
Mission Scotland's Naitional Academy
Focus science an technology
social science
public service
Preses Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell
Chief Executive Dr William Duncan
Staff 34
Key fowk Prof Alan Alexander, General Secretar
Budget £5.9 million
Members Ower 1600 Fellaes
Subsidiaries RSE Scotland Foundation
RSE Young Academy of Scotland
Awner Registered charity No. SC000470
Umwhile cried Filosofical Society o Edinburgh
Location New Toun, Edinburgh, Scotland
Address 22–26 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2PQ
Wabsteid rse.org.uk

The Ryal Society o Edinburgh (Inglis: Royal Society of Edinburgh) is Scotland's naitional academy o science an letters.