Roushie Revolution

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Roushie Revolution
Pairt o Warld War I an the Revolutions o 1917–23
Bolshevik forces mairchin on Reid Squerr
Date8 Mairch – 8 November 1917 [O.S. 23 Februar – 26 October]

Bolshevik victory

Roushie Imperial Govrenmenta
Roushie Proveesional Govrenment
Petrograd Soviets
Leftist Socialists
Commanders an leaders
Nicholas IIa
Roushie Georgy Lvov
Roushie Alexander Kerensky
Vladimir Lenin
Leon Trotsky
Lev Kamenev
Roushie Imperial Roushie Airmy Reid Guards: 200,000
a. Till 15 Mairch 1917.

The Roushie Revolution is the collective term for a pair o revolutions in Roushie in 1917, which dismantled the Tsarist autocracy an led tae the eventual rise o the Soviet Union.