Romanos IV Diogenes

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Romanos IV Diogenes
Ρωμανός Δ΄ Διογένης
Emperor o the Byzantine Empire
Romanos et Eudoxie.JPG
Diptych o the boy Emperor Romanus II an his bairn wife Bertha-Eudokia, the dauchter o Hugh o Italy, c. 944-946. This Diptych is eften uised erroneously tae shaw Emperor Romanus IV (Bibliothèque nationale de France).
Ring 1068–1071
Predecessor Constantine X
Successor Michael VII
Born c.1030
Dee'd 1072 (aged 42)
Spouse Unnamed dauchter o Alusian
Eudokia Makrembolitissa
Issue Constantine Diogenes
Nikephoros Diogenes
Leo Diogenes
Dynasty Doukid
Faither Constantine Diogenes (died 1032)

Romanos IV Diogenes (Greek: Ρωμανός Δʹ Διογένης, Rōmanós IV Diogénēs), an aa kent as Romanus IV, wis a member o the Byzantine militar aristocracy who, efter his marriage tae the widowed empress Eudokia Makrembolitissa, wis crouned Byzantine emperor an reigned frae 1068 tae 1071.