Romanie Orthodox Kirk

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Romanie Orthodox Kirk
(Patriarchate o Romanie)
Patriarhia Romana.jpg
Coat o airms
PrimateDaniel, Patriarch o Aw Romanie
Monastics2,810 men, and 4,795 women[1]
HeidquartersDealul Mitropoliei, Bucharest
Foonder(as Metropolis o Romanie)
Nifon Rusailă, Carol I
(as Patriarchate o Romanie)
Miron Cristea, Ferdinand I
SeparationsAuld Calendarist Romanie Orthodox Kirk (1925)
Members16,367,267 in Romanie;[2] 720,000 in Moldovae[3] 11,203 in Unitit States[4]
Offeecial wabsteid

The Romanie Orthodox Kirk (Romanie: Biserica Ortodoxă Română) is an autocephalous Orthodox Kirk in full communion wi ither Eastren Orthodox Christian Kirks, ane o the nine Patriarchates in the Eastren Orthodox Kirk. Syne 1925, the Kirk's Primate bears the teetle o Patriarch. Its jurisdiction covers the territories o Romanie an Moldovae, wi addeetional dioceses for Romanies livin in nearbi Serbie an Hungary, as well as for diaspora commonties in Central an Wastren Europe, North Americae an Oceanie.

Currently it is the anerly autocephalous Kirk athin Eastrrn Orthodoxy tae hae a Romance leid for liturgical uise. The majority o Romanie's population (16,367,267, or 85.9% o those for whom data wur available, accordin tae the 2011 census data[5]), as well as some 720,000 Moldovans,[3] belang tae the Romanie Orthodox Kirk.

Members o the Romanie Orthodox Kirkj sometimes refer tae Orthodox Christian doctrine as Dreapta credință ("richt/correct belief" or "true faith"; compare tea Greek ὀρθὴ δόξα, "straicht/correct belief").

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