Romanie Airmed Forces

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Romanie Airmed Forces
Romanian Armed Forces
Forțele Armate Române
Statul Major General.png
The coat of arms
Foondit 1860
Current furm 11 April 2000
Service branches 35px Land Forces
COA-Romanian Naval Forces.svg Naval Forces
Stema Statului Major al Fortelor Aeriene.png Air Forces
Heidquarters Bucharest
Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Klaus Iohannis
Meenister o Naitional Defence Gabriel-Beniamin Leş
Chief of the General Staff General Nicolae Ionel Ciucă
Militar age 18 years of age
Conscription No
Available for
militar service
5,601,234 males, age 15–49 (2010 est.[2]),
5,428,939 females, age 15–49 (2010 est.[2])
Fit for
militar service
4,550,409 males, age 15–49 (2010 est.[2]),
4,507,880 females, age 15–49 (2010 est.[2])
Reachin militar
age annually
117,798 males (2010 est.[2]),
111,607 females (2010 est.[2])
Active personnel 84,480 (ranked 49th)
Reserve personnel 84,145
Deployed personnel

2,187 (total)[1]

 Afghanistan - 1,821
Budget €3.65 billion (FY2017)[3]
Percent o GDP 2% (FY2017)
Domestic suppliers ROMARM
Industria Aeronautică Română
Foreign suppliers

 Unitit States
 Unitit Kinrick
 Sooth Korea

 Soviet Union
 North Korea
Annual exports €177,000,000 (2014)[4]
Relatit airticles
History Military history of Romania
Ranks Romanian Armed Forces ranks and insignia

The Land Forces, Air Force and Navy are Collectively Kent as Romanie Airmed Forces. (Romanie: Forțele Armate Române or Armata Română). The current Commander-in-chief is General Nicolae Ionel Ciuca who is managit bi the Meenister o Naitional Defence while the preses is the Supreme Commander o the Airmed Forces during wartime.

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