Roman roads

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A Roman street in Pompeii

Roman roads (in Latin, viae - singular via) wur vital tae the maintenance an development o the Roman state, an wur biggit frae aboot 500 BC through the expansion an consolidation o the Roman Republic an the Roman Empire.[1] Thay providit efficient means for the owerland movement o airmies, offeecials an ceevilians, an the inland carriage o offeecial communications an trade guids.[2] Roman roads wur o several kinds, rangin frae smaa local roads tae broad, lang-distance heichways biggit tae connect ceeties, major touns an militar bases. These major roads wur eften stane-paved an metaled, cambered for drainage, an wur flanked bi fitpaths, bridleways an drainage ditches. Thay wur laid alang accurately surveyed courses, an some wur cut through hills, or conductit ower rivers an ravines on bridgework. Sections could be supportit ower marshy grund on raftit or piled foondations.[3][4]

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