Roman Breetain

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Provincia Britannia
Province o the Roman Empire
Britannia SPQR.png
Provincia Britannia within the Roman Empire.
CaipitalCamulodunum / Londinium
Historical eraClassical Antiquity
• Annexed bi Claudius
• Expulsion o Roman ceevil admeenistration
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Prehistoric Breetain
Sub-Roman Breetain
The day pairt o Unitit Kinrick
Soothren Scotland

Provincia Britannia (Laitin; Scots: Breetish Province; Welsh: Talaith Prydain), the day kent as Roman Breetain, wis a province o the Roman Empire frae 43 tae 409, spannin at its hicht in 160, the soothren three-quarters o the island o Great Breetain.[1][2]

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