Rolls-Royce Holdings

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Rolls-Royce Holdings plc
Public limited company
Treddit asLSERR.
IndustrieAerospace, Defence, Energy, Marine
Foondit1906 (as Rolls-Royce Limited)
1971 (nationalisit as Rolls-Royce (1971) Limited)
1978 (renamed Rolls-Royce plc)
1987 (privatised as Rolls-Royce plc)
Mey 2003 (as hauldin company - Rolls-Royce Group plc)[1]
FoonderCharles Rolls an Henry Royce
HeidquartersBuckingham Gate, City of Westminster, Lunnon, Unitit Kinrick
Key fowk
Ian Davis (Chairman)
Warren East (CEO)
ProductsCeevil & militar aero ingines
Marine propulsion seestems
Pouer generation equipment
Revenue£13.725 billion (2015)[2]
£1.499 billion (2015)[2]
£0.084 billion (2015)[2]
Nummer o employees
50,500 (2015)[2]

Rolls-Royce Holdings plc is a Breetish multinaitional public haulding company that, throu its various subsidiars, designs, manufacturs an distributes pouer seestems for aviation an ither industries.

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