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For ither uises, see Rollo (disambiguation).
Rollo statue in falaise.JPG
Rollo on the Six Dukes statue in Falaise toun square.
Coont o Rouen
Ring 911–927
Predecessor Nane
Successor William Langswuird
Born c. 846
Dee'd c. 930
Buirial Rouen Cathedral
Spouse Poppa o Bayeux
Gisela o Fraunce (intendit, but unconfirmit)
William Langswuird
Hoose Hoose o Normandy

Rollo (Norman: Rou; Auld Norse: Hrólfr; French: Rollon; c. 846 – c. 930 AD) wis a Viking wha became the first ruler o Normandy, a region o Fraunce. He is sometimes cried the 1st Duke o Normandy. Rollo emergit as the ootstaundin personality amang the Norsemen wha haed secured a permanent fuithauld on Frankish soil in the valley o the lawer Seine. Charles the Simple, the keeng o Wast Francia, cedit thaim land atween the mooth o the Seine an wha is nou the ceety o Rouen in exchynge for Rollo greein tae en his brigandage, an provide the Franks wi protection against futur Viking raids.[1]

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