Rohingya fowk

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Rohingya fowk
Displaced Rohingya people in Rakhine State (8280610831).jpg
Tot population
(1,424,000[citation needit]–2,000,000[1])
Regions wi signeeficant populations
Myanmar (Rakhine State), Bangladesh, Malaysie, Nepal, Pakistan, Saudi Arabie, Thailand, Indonesie, Indie
 Myanmar1.3 million [2][3][4]
 Saudi Arabie400,000[5]

The Rohingya fowk are Muslim Indo-Aryan fowks frae the Rakhine State, Myanmar.[17][18] Accordin tae Rohingyas an some scholars, thay are indigenous tae Rakhine State, while ither historians claim that thay migratit tae Myanmar frae Bengal primarily during the period o Breetish rule in Burma,[19][20][21] an tae a lesser extent, follaein Burmese unthirldom in 1948 an the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971.[22][23][24][3][25] Internaitional media an human richts organisations hae eften describit Rohingyas as ane o the maist persecutit meenorities in the warld,[26][27] while origin o that term wi relation tae the Unitit Naitions is still unclear.[28]

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