Rodeo Drive

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Rodeo Drive
Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, LA, CA, jjron 21.03.2012.jpg
Rodeo Drive in 2012
Location Beverly Hills
Los Angeles, Californie
Coordinates 34°4′9.23″N 118°24′10.76″W / 34.0692306°N 118.4029889°W / 34.0692306; -118.4029889Coordinates: 34°4′9.23″N 118°24′10.76″W / 34.0692306°N 118.4029889°W / 34.0692306; -118.4029889
North end Sunset Boulevard
Wilshire Boulevard, Dayton Way, Brighton Way, Santa Monica Boulevard
Sooth end Beverwil Drive
East North Beverly Drive
Wast North Camden Drive

Rodeo Drive /rˈd./ is a twa-mile lang street, primarily in Beverly Hills, Californie. Its northren terminus is its intersection wi Sunset Boulevard an its soothren is its intersection wi Beverwil Drive in the ceety o Los Angeles. The name is maist commonly uised metonymically tae refer tae a three block stretch o the street north o Wilshire Boulevard an sooth o Little Santa Monica Boulevard, which is kent for its luxury-guids stores. The lairger business destrict surroondin Rodeo, kent as the "Golden Triangle," which extends frae Wilshire Boulevard tae Santa Monica Boulevard, is baith a shoppin destrict an a major tourist attraction.

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