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Rod (Belaroushie, Roushie, Serbie: Род, Ukrainian: Рід, ither Slavic leids: Rod) is a Slavic deity, aften mentioned in the Auld Kirk Slavonic didactic leeteratur which wis directit against pagans. Accordin tae some researchers (such as Boris Rybakov), Rod wis the Common Slavonic god, the creator o aw life an o existence itsel.

Rod an Rožanica wur first mentioned in the Slavic translation o The Wird aboot Idol, whaur their names indicate the Mither Goddess an her divine son (similar in relationship tae Isis an Osiris).

Translatit frae the Roushie leid, the wird Rožanica (Roushie: Рожаница) means "a wumman aboot tae give birth".

Rod was, however, no aye explicitly cried a deity bi the auncient sources. Accordin tae Leo Klejn, Rod wis a spirit, demon, or a sort o supernatural bein an but no o the heichest level o pouer. Rod is absent in the pantheon o the great prince Vladimir I o Kiev.

Bi contrast, in Neopagan tradeetions, Rod is aften considered tae be the supreme god an the creator o aw life an existence.

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