Rockstar Games

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Rockstar Games, Inc.
Wholly awned Subsidiar
IndustrieVideo gemmes
PredecessorBMG Interactive
HeidquartersNew York Ceety, New York, Unitit States
Key fowk
Sam Houser (preses)
Dan Houser (vice-preses)
ProductsLeet o Rockstar Games products
AwnerTake-Two Interactive
Nummer o employees
900+ (8 studios)[1]
ParentTake-Two Interactive

Rockstar Games is a multinaitional video gemme developer an publisher based in New York Ceety, awned bi Take-Two Interactive follaein its purchase o Breetish video gemme publisher BMG Interactive.[2] The publisher is kent for the Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne, L.A. Noire, The Warriors, Bully, Manhunt, Midnight Club an Red Dead gemmes, as well as the uise o open warld, free roamin settins in thair gemmes. It comprises studios that hae been acquired an renamit as well as ithers that hae been creatit internally. While mony o the studios Take-Two Interactive haes acquired hav been mergit intae the Rockstar buist, several ither recent anes hae retained thair previous identities an hae acome pairt o the company's 2K Games diveesion. The Rockstar Games label wis foondit in New York Ceety in 1998[3] bi the Breetish video gemme producers Sam Houser, Dan Houser, Terry Donovan, Jamie King an Gary Foreman.[4][5]

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