Roche leemit

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Consider an orbitin mass o fluid held thegither bi gravity, here viewed frae abuin the orbital plane. Far frae the Roche leemit the mass is practically spherical.
Closer tae the Roche leemit the bouk is deformed bi tidal forces.
Within the Roche leemit the mass's ain gravity can na langer wistaund the tidal forces, an the bouk disintegrates.
Pairticles closer tae the primary muive mair quickly than pairticles farther away, as represented bi the reid arraes.
The varyin orbital speed o the material eventually causes it tae form a raing.

In celestial mechanics, the Roche leemit (pronoonced /ʁoʃ/ in IPA, seemilar tae the soond o rosh), whiles referred tae as the Roche radius, is the distance within which a celestial bouk, held thegither anly bi its ain gravity, will disintegrate due tae a seicont celestial bouk's tidal forces exceedin the first bouk's gravitational sel-attraction.[1]

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