Roc (meethologie)

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Seemilar craitursGaruda, simurgh, phoenix, thunnerbird
MeethologieMiddle Eastren
Ither name(s)Rukh

The Roc (frae Persie: ruḵ[1]) is an enormous leegendar bird o prey in the popular meethologie o the Middle East.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. roc /[phonetic transcription]/ n. An aw (earlier) ✝roche, ✝rock, ✝ruc(k), ✝rukh. L16 [Sp. rocho, ruc f. Arab. ruḵḵ, f. Pers. ruḵ.] A meethical bird o Eastren leegend, eemagined as bein o enormous size an strenth (The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, Clarendon Press, Oxford, Vollum 2 N-Z, 1993 edeetion, page 2614)