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Robin Söderling
Robin Söderling at US Open 2010.jpg
Fou name Robin Bo Carl Söderling
Kintra  Swaden
Residence Monte Carlo, Monaco
Born (1984-08-14) 14 August 1984 (age 35)
Tibro, Swaden
Hicht 1.93 m (6 ft 4 in)[1]
Turned pro 2001
Plays Richt-haundit
(twa-haundit backhaund)
Prize money $10,423,124
Career record 310–170
Career titles 10
Heichest rankin No. 4 (15 November 2010)
Grand Slam Singles results
Australian Open 4R (2011)
French Open F (2009, 2010)
Wimbledon QF (2010)
US Open QF (2009, 2010)
Ither toornaments
Tour Finals SF (2009)
Olympic Gemmes 1R (2004, 2008)
Career record 33–43
Career titles 1
Heichest rankin No. 109 (9 Mey 2009)
Team competeetions
Davis Cup SF (2007)
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Robin Bo Carl Söderling (Swadish pronunciation: [ˈrɔbɪn ˈsøːdəɭɪŋ]; born 14 August 1984 in Tibro) is a professional tennis player frae Swaden. He is a umwhile warld no. 4 in the ATP rankins, a career heich he reached in November 2010. Söderling reached successive French Open finals in 2009 an 2010.[2] In baith toornaments he defeatit the defendin champion an tap seed en route tae the final: Rafael Nadal in 2009 (acomin the first an, tae date, anly player tae defeat Nadal at the French Open)[3] an Roger Federer in 2010 (endin Federer's record streak o 23 consecutive Grand Slam semifinals).[4] He haes an aa wan ane Masters 1000 event, the 2010 Paris Masters.

Söderling first came tae prominence at the 2009 French Open, whaur he acame the first (an, as o 2013, anly) player tae defeat Rafael Nadal at the toornament.[5] Nadal haed previously never lost at the toornament syne his debut in 2005 an wis the fower-time defendin champion. Söderling subsequently advanced tae the final, defeatin twa-time semi-finalist Nikolay Davydenko in the quarter-finals an Fernando González in five sets in the semi-finals afore bein defeatit bi Roger Federer in the final.[6] He repeatit the trip tae the final in 2010, in almaist identical reverse circumstances: defeatin Federer in the quarter-finals an again winnin the semi-final in five sets against Tomáš Berdych afore losin tae Rafael Nadal in the final.[7]

Follaein injuries an illness, Söderling haes nae competit syne the 2011 Swadish Open in Julie 2011.

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