Robert de Brus, 6t Laird o Annandale

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Sir Robert de Brus
6t Laird o Annandale
jure uxoris Yerl o Carrick
Constable o Carlisle Castle
Laird o Annandale
Ring 1295-1304
Predecessor Robert V de Brus
Successor Robert VII de Bruce
Born Julie 1243(1243-07-00)
probably Writtle, Essex, Ingland
Dee'd (1304-04-00)Apryle 1304 (aged 60)
Buirial Holm Cultram Aibey, Cumberland
Spouse Marjorie o Carrick
Issue Isabel, Queen o Norawa
Christina Bruce
Robert I o Scotland
Neil de Brus
Edward Bruce, Keeng o Ireland
Mary, Leddy Campbell, Leddy Fraser
Margaret, Leddy Carlyle
Sir Thomas de Brus
Alexander de Brus
Elizabeth, Leddy Dishington
Matilda, Coontess o Ross
Hoose House of Bruce
Faither Robert de Brus, 5t Laird o Annandale
Mither Isobel o Gloucester an Hertford

Sir Robert VI de Brus (Julie 1243 – soon bef. 4 Mairch 1304[1]), 6t Laird o Annandale (dominus vallis Anandie), jure uxoris Yerl o Carrick[2] (1271–1292), Laird o Hartness,[3] Writtle an Hatfield Broad Oak (Wretele et Hatfeud Regis), wis a cross-mairch laird,[4] an pairteecipant o the Seicont Barons' War, Nint Crusade, Welsh Wars, an First War o Scots Unthirldom.

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