Robert Stirling

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Robert Stirling
Robert Stirling.jpg
Reverend Dr Robert Stirling
Born 25 October 1790(1790-10-25)
Meffin, Perthshire
Died 6 Juin 1878(1878-06-06) (aged 87)
Galston, East Ayrshire
Naitionality Scots
Citizenship Unitit Kinrick
Thrift Engineer
Childer Patrick Stirling b.1820
Jane Stirling b.1821
William Stirling b.1822
Robert Stirling b.1824
David Stirling b.1828
James Stirling b.1835
Agnes Stirling b.1838
Parents Patrick Stirling an Agnes Stirling
Ingineerin career
Signeeficant projects Stirling engine

The Reverend Dr Robert Stirling (25 October 1790 – 6 Juin 1878) wis a Scots clergyman, an inventor o the Stirling ingine.