Robert Koch

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Robert Koch
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BornRobert Heinrich Herman Koch
11 December 1843(1843-12-11)
Clausthal, Kinrick o Hanover
Died27 Mey 1910(1910-05-27) (aged 66)
Baden-Baden, Grand Duchy o Baden
Alma materVarsity o Göttingen
Kent forDiscovery bacteriology
Koch's postulates o germ theory
Isolation o anthrax, tuberculosis an cholera
Scientific career
InstitutionsImperial Health Office, Berlin, Varsity o Berlin
Doctoral advisorGeorg Meissner[2]
Other academic advisorsFriedrich Gustav Jakob Henle
Karl Ewald Hasse
Rudolf Virchow
InfluencedFriedrich Loeffler
SignaturRobert Koch signature.svg

Robert Heinrich Herman Koch (/ˈkɔːx/;[4] German: [ˈkɔχ]; 11 December 1843 – 27 Mey 1910) wis a celebratit German pheesician an pioneerin microbiologist. The foonder o modren bacteriology, he is kent for his role in identifyin the speceefic causative agents o tuberculosis, cholera, an anthrax an for givin experimental support for the concept o infectious disease.[5]

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