Robert II o Fraunce

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Robert II the Pious
Keeng o the Franks (mair...)
Laurens excomunication 1875 orsay.jpg
The Excommunication o Robert the Pious bi Jean-Paul Laurens (1875)
Keeng o the Franks
30 December 987 – 24 October 996;
24 October 996 – 20 Julie 1031
Coronation 30 December 987[1]
Predecessor Hugh
Successor Henry I
Born 27 Mairch 972(972-03-27)
Orléans, Fraunce
Dee'd 20 Julie 1031(1031-07-20) (aged 59)
Melun, Fraunce
Buirial Saunt Denis Basilica, Paris, Fraunce
Spouse Rozala o Italy
Bertha o Burgundy
Constance o Arles
Issue Hedwig, Coontess o Nevers
Hugh Magnus
Henry I o Fraunce
Adela, Coontess o Flanders
Robert I, Duke o Burgundy
Hoose Hoose o Capet
Faither Hugh Capet
Mither Adelaide o Aquitaine

Robert II (27 Mairch 972 – 20 Julie 1031), cried the Pious (French: le Pieux) or the Wise (French: le Sage), wis Keeng o the Franks frae 996 till his daith.

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