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Sir Robert Edwards
Robert Edwards.jpg
BornRobert Geoffrey Edwards
27 September 1925(1925-09-27)[1]
Batley, Ingland
Died10 Apryle 2013(2013-04-10) (aged 87)
near Cambridge, Ingland
Alma mater
Kent forPioneer of in-vitro fertilisation
Hauf-marrae(s)Ruth Fowler Edwards[1]
Scientific career
ThesisThe experimental induction of heteroploidy in the mouse (1955)

Sir Robert Geoffrey Edwards, CBE, FRS[3][4][5] (27 September 1925 – 10 Aprile 2013) wis an Inglis pheesiologist an pioneer in reproductive medicine, an in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) in pairteecular. Alang wi the surgeon Patrick Steptoe,[6] Edwards successfully pioneered conception throu IVF, which led tae the birth o Louise Brown [7] on 25 Julie 1978.[8][9] Thay foondit the first IVF programme for infertile patients an trained ither scientists in thair techniques. Edwards wis the foondin editor-in-chief o Human Reproduction in 1986.[10] In 2010, Edwards wis awairdit the Nobel Prize in Pheesiology or Medicine "for the development o in vitro fertilisation".[11][12][13]

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