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Robert Chambers
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Robert Chambers
Born 10 Julie 1802
Peebles, Peeblesshire, Scotland
Dee'd 17 March 1871 (1871-03-18) (aged 68)
St Andras, Fife, Scotland
Restin place St Regulus Chapel, St Andras
Thrift Co-foonder an pairtner, W & R Chambers, publisher, Edinburgh
Naitionality Scots
Ceetizenship Unitit Kinrick
Eddication The High School, Edinburgh
Notable warks Traditions of Edinburgh (1824)
The Picture of Scotland (1827)
Histories of the Rebellions in Scotland
Vestiges of Creation (1844)
Ancient Sea-margins (1848)
Spoose Twice mairied
Bairns Son: Robert Chambers (1832–88)
Relatives Mither: Jean Gibson
brother: William Chambers (1800–83)
Granddauchter: Violet Tweedale

Robert Chambers FRSE FGS (/ˈtʃmbərz/; 10 Julie 1802 – 17 Mairch 1871)[1] wis a Scots publisher, geologist, evolutionar thinker, author an jurnal eeditor that, lik his elder brither an business pairtner William Chambers, wis heichly influential in mid-19t century scienteefic an poleetical circles.

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