Robert Bunsen

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Robert Bunsen
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BornRobert Wilhelm Eberhard Bunsen
30 Mairch 1811(1811-03-30)
Göttingen, Westphalie, Rhine Confederation (nou Germany)
Died16 August 1899(1899-08-16) (aged 88)
Heidelberg, Baden, German Empire (nou Germany)
Alma materVarsity o Göttingen
Kent forDiscovery o cacodyl radical; discoveries o caesium an rubidium. Invention o the Bunsen burner; carbon-zinc electrochemical cell; methods o gas analysis; development o spectrochemical analysis
Scientific career
Doctoral advisorFriedrich Stromeyer
Doctoral students

Robert Wilhelm Eberhard Bunsen (30 Mairch 1811 – 16 August 1899) wis a German chemist. He investigatit emission spectra o heatit elements, an discovered caesium (in 1860) an rubidium (in 1861) wi the pheesicist Gustav Kirchhoff. Bunsen developed several gas-analytical methods, wis a pioneer in photochemistry, an did early wirk in the field o organoarsenic chemistry. Wi his laboratory assistant, Peter Desaga, he developed the Bunsen burner, an improvement on the laboratory burners then in uise. The Bunsen–Kirchhoff Awaird for spectroscopy is named efter Bunsen an Kirchhoff.