Robert Brown (botanist)

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Robert Brown
Robert Brown (botanist).jpg
Robert Brown in 1855
Born 21 December 1773(1773-12-21)
Montrose, Scotland
Died 10 Juin 1858(1858-06-10) (aged 84)
17 Dean St, Soho Squerr, Lunnon, Ingland[1]
Naitionality Scots
Kent for Brownian motion
Scientific career
Fields Botany
Author abbrev. (botany) R.Br.

Robert Brown FRSE FRS FLS MWS (21 December 1773 – 10 Juin 1858) wis a Scots botanist an palaeobotanist who made important contreibutions tae botany lairgely throu his pioneerin uise o the microscope.

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