Road House

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Road House (Scots: Gate Hoose) is a American film frae 1989. The film wis produced bi Joel Silver, directit bi Rowdy Herrington an wrutten bi David Lee Henry an Hilary Henkin. The cast o the film includes Patrick Swayze, Kelly Lynch, Sam Elliot an Ben Gazzara.

Plot[eedit | eedit soorce]

The main chairacter o the film is cawed Dalton − a faur-kent buncer wha at the stairt o the film is warkin at a nichtclub in New York Ceety. Efter a tuilyie wi a royet drinker, Dalton tends tae the cut he haes gat. Nae lang efterhaund, a man cawed Frank Tilghman introduces himsel an recruits Dalton tae wark at his nichtclub cawed the Double Deuce whit is in Jasper, Missouri. Tilghman's club is tribbelt bi bowsterous fechtin and camsteirious drinkers wha Tilghman is howpin Dalton can sort oot.

Nae lang efter gettin tae Jasper, Dalton meets Brad Wesley, the fae o the film. Wesley is the awner o aw the companies in Jasper an an ill-kyndit man wha brings fear tae the indwallers o the toun. Nae lang efter bein in Jasper, it becomes obvious tae Dalton that if he wants tae clean up the Double Deuce he'll hae tae sort oot Wesley an his rochians. In a fecht wi some o Wesley's men at the Double Deuce, Dalton gets sneddit in the side an haes tae gae tae the local infirmary. Here he meets Doc wha he asks oot an haes a fain relationship wi; this angers Brad Wesley wha becomes mair ill-herit than uisual tae the fowk o Jasper.

Wesley gaes aboot distribblin aw o Dalton's freends. Efter killin Dalton's freend Wade, Dalton gaes tae Wesley's hoose an kills aw but ane o Wesley's rochians afore fectin wi Wesley himsel. In the fecht wi Wesley, Dalton's auld feres come an kill Wesley wi shotguns efter Wesley is aboot tae shuit Dalton.

Cast[eedit | eedit soorce]