River Forth

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River Forth near Stirling.jpg
The River Forth meanders ower fertile fermlands near Stirlin
Kintra Scotland
Cooncils Stirlin
Ceety Stirlin
Soorce Confluence o Duchray Watter an the Avondhu River ablo Loch Ard
 - elevation 33 m (108 ft)
 - coordinates 56°10′52″N 4°24′30″W / 56.1810°N 4.4084°W / 56.1810; -4.4084
Mooth Firth o Forth, North Sea
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 56°03′52″N 3°43′37″W / 56.0645°N 3.7270°W / 56.0645; -3.7270Coordinates: 56°03′52″N 3°43′37″W / 56.0645°N 3.7270°W / 56.0645; -3.7270
Lenth 47 km (29 mi)
River Forth course 3.png
Coorse o River Forth

The River Forth is a major river, 47 km (29 mi) lang, tnat's drainage basin kivers muckle o Stirlinshire in Scotland's Central Belt.[1]

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