River Bush

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River Bush (an Bhuais)
River Bush - geograph.org.uk - 848083.jpg
Kintra Northern Ireland
Coonties Antrim
Destrict Causeway Coast and Glens
Ceeties Bushmills, Stranocum, Armoy
 - location Antrim Moontains, Northren Ireland
 - location Portballintrae, Northren Ireland
Lenth 54 km (34 mi)
Basin 340 km2 (131 sq mi)

The River Bush (frae the Erse: an Bhuais)[1] is an Ulster river in Coonty Antrim, Northren Ireland. The River Bush is 33.5 miles (53.9 km) lang.[2] The river's soorce is in the Antrim Hills at 480m. Frq3 thqre the river flows northwast, wi a bend at the toun o Armoy. It then flows wast, passin throu Stranocum, an then bends north, passin throu Bushmill afore reachin the sea at Portballintrae on the North Antrim coast. It flows throu a fertile valley devotit tae gressland-based agricultur wi leemitit arable crappin. The unnerlyin geology is basalt an the watter is slichtly alkaline wi magnesium makkin an unusually lairge contreibution tae tot haurdness. The river supports indigenous stocks o Atlantic salmon an broun trout.[3] Saint Columb's Rill, which is a tributar o the river, is the soorce o water uised for distillin Bushmills whiskey.

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Coordinates: 55°13′09″N 6°32′00″W / 55.21928°N 6.53326°W / 55.21928; -6.53326