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Rinkeby is a destrict (Swadish: stadsdel) in Rinkeby-Kista borough, Stockholm, Swaden.[1] Rinkeby haed 15,051 inhabitants as at December 31, 2007.[2]

Rinkeby is notit for its heich concentration o immigrants an fowk wi immigrant ancestry (see definition o Swade). 89.1% o the population o Rinkeby haes a first- or seicont-generation immigrant backgrund as o 31 December, 2007.[2]

A sociolect cried Rinkeby Swedish haes been named efter Rinkeby.

The destrict wis a pairt o the Rinkeby borough till Januar 1, 2007, when it wis merged wi Kista borough tae form the Rinkeby-Kista borough. The neighbourhuid wis pairt o the so-cried Million Programme.

The Stockholm Metro station Rinkeby wis opened in 1975.

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Coordinates: 59°23′17″N 17°55′43″E / 59.38806°N 17.92861°E / 59.38806; 17.92861