Richard III o Ingland

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Richard III
Richard III earliest surviving portrait.jpg
The earliest survivin portrait o Richard (c. 1520, efter a lost oreeginal), umwhile alangin to the Paston faimily
(Society o Antiquaries, Lunnon)
Keeng o Ingland (mair...)
Ring 26 Juin 1483 – 22 August 1485
Coronation 6 Julie 1483
Predecessor Edward V
Successor Henry VII
Born 2 October 1452(1452-10-02)
Fotheringhay Castle, Northamptonshire
Dee'd 22 August 1485(1485-08-22) (aged 32)
Bosworth Field, Leicestershire
Buirial Greyfriars, Leicester (oreeginally)
Leicester Cathedral (re-interred, 26 Mairch 2015)
Consort Anne Neville
Issue Edward o Middleham
John o Gloucester (illegitimate)
Katherine (illegitimate)
Hoose Hoose o York o the Hoose o Plantagenet
Faither Richard Plantagenet, Duke o York
Mither Cecily Neville, Duchess o York
Releegion Catholicism
Seegnatur Richard III's signature

Richard III (2 October 1452 – 22 August 1485) wis Keeng o Ingland frae 1483 till his daith in 1485, at the age o 32, in the Battle o Bosworth Field.