Richard Cromwell

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Richard Cromwell
Richard Cromwell
2nt Laird Pertector o the Commonweel o Ingland, Scotland an Ireland
In office
3 September 1658 – 25 Mey 1659
(264 days)
Precedit bi Oliver Cromwell
Succeedit bi Cooncil o State
Personal details
Born 4 October 1626(1626-10-04)
Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, Ingland
Dee'd 12 Julie 1712(1712-07-12) (aged 85)
Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, Ingland
Naitionality Inglis
Poleetical pairty Roondheid
Spoose(s) Dorothy Maijor
(m. 1649; d. 1675)
Relations Oliver Cromwell (father)
Elizabeth Bourchier (mother)
Religion Reformed (an Independent Puritan)
Nickname(s) Tumbledown Dick
Queen Dick

Richard Cromwell (4 October 1626 – 12 Julie 1712) wis Laird Pertector o Ingland, Scotland an Ireland, an ane o anerly twa commoners tae acome the Inglis heid o state, the ither bein his faither, Oliver Cromwell, frae that he inheritit the poseetion.